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This is Family?

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This is Family?

I’ve heard it said that you can’t pick your family. That isn’t strictly true when your a vampire. I mean, I didn’t pick Eric, but he and Godric certainly picked me. So what I want to know is…what was Pam thinking?

No good answers

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Picking myself up from the floor I tried to think of something to say to Eric and Mr. Compton. Something to convey the seriousness and hopelessness of our situation. Neither was a fool. I knew they understood that, in all likelihood, we were all facing the True Death. i doubted either had an inkling about was how excruciatingly slow and painful that final death would be.And here, in these cells, I had no means of warning them .

The first questions came over the loud speaker. A nice touch. As was the baby killer in the cell next to me. two immediate examples of the Authority’s power and what happens when a vampire does not say or do what the Authority wants.

I was…touched by Mr. Compton’s efforts to shield me from the Authority’s anger. Eric seemed surprised that the King chose to try to bargain for his freedom as well. Honor among vampires…doesn’t really exist. Except, it seems, for Mr. Compton.A pity his rule had been so short and marred by the presence of witches. He would have made an excellent ruler, one even the Guardian would have approved of.

When the lights went out, I had enough time to shout a warning. That was an unexpected kindness. Perhaps I had not been totally written off by all my former colleagues. If not, then perhaps there was a chance that Eric would survive this. As I fell to my knees and covered myself, I could see that he had not understood my warning and was following my lead too slowly. Their screams when the UV light struck were more painful than the light itself.

I had tried to help. All I had achieved was landing us all here.

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I hope I’m not the one the Guardian stakes…but I’m not betting on it. At least Eric will survive….


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Hello, Eric….

Cleaning up any trace of Nan or her gay stormtroopers was the first item on my agenda – closely followed by get the fuck out of Bon Temps before The Authority shows up.

My King had seemed somewhat nonplussed as he called his progeny to let her know he’d been called away on business. Lies came easy to Bill Compton – well – to both of us for that matter. All part of being a Vampire that survived.

A brief thought flashed through my mind while using the wet vac to suck up the last traces of the Authority’s previous Spokesbitch – that thought – Pam. Things were not good between us and I was still seething at her deliberate disobedience and action that might have ended Sookie’s life. Should I care about that now? Now that Sookie had rejected all I had and would have given. Mulling that over…

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Better hurry, time is running out

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This does not bode well…


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